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I was a previous employee of this facility. Hands-down Ricky, the administrator, is one of the best I've ever worked with. It was a hard decision to leave the great team I worked with. Activities department was great, always doing something to engage the residents. If you have a loved one who needs a good rehab, I'd strongly recommend this facility. Social services department is excellent with discharge planning and ensuring all needs are met prior to discharge.
roshawn washington
My mom was here a little over a month for rehab. The daytime staff was awesome!!! I love Dr. Maude, Christian, Jean and Gil are a few that stand out!!! Some of them really really care about their patients more than I have seen at other facilities. And my mom is a picky eater but really liked their food. She even gained a couple pounds from finally eating while she was there. They have activities for the patients. There were all kinds of games and trivia days, a day for manicures, an ice cream social and a BBQ while she was there. If she ever has to go back to a nursing home/rehab again, it would definitely be this one!!
Tra Wei
The food not to good . Dharma was great and the nurses añso

Darma and Staff was Professional, Courteous and very Welcoming. Provided excellent service to my 90 year old Cousin.
Charlene Mobley
Great clinical team of nursing staff. Nice DON
Great team and follow up, the DON Shawn shows so much compassion in all she does
Facility Social Worker Chris provides outstanding service and follow up. His passion for his residents is admirable.
Facility Social Worker Chris provides outstanding service and follow up. His passion for his residents is admirable.
Jessica Lozano
My mother was there for a month, and all went well. The Nurses, CNA and Physical Therapy Staff were great. The Admissions Coordinator Dharma Nieves was excellent and answered all my questions. I recommend this facility to everyone. Thank you
Maria Negron
Took my grandfather here recently. After speaking with the staff and voicing my concerns my mind was put at ease. Being out of state and not being able to constantly be there is difficult, however I was blown away by the service here. The transition could not have been easier! Would recommend to anyone looking for any kind of long term/elderly care.
Tony Gutierrez
Took my Grandmother here and I was hesitant at first, but I was so surprised. They treated her so well and I didn’t have to worry about her being taken care of at all. The Nurses and staff were lovely and I recommend this place to everyone.
Jeremy Guerrero
My husband was there for a few weeks and all went well , his nurses were great. The Respiratory and Physical Therapy staff were consistent and caring. If I had any concerns they were addressed immediately. Front desk ...awesome. Bettie Edmiston
Bettie Edmiston
Based on reviews, I was hesitant to send my husband here to recover from a broken back. I’m glad I followed through because the facility exceeded my expectations. Sue, the Admissions Director was really nice, Chris, the other director kept me informed as to his medical status. The nurses, CNAs, cleaning staff as well as dietary folks worked really hard to ensure my husband was taken care of. They have social activities for the guest staying there, folks out in the meticulously kept gardens. Doug has helped him with physical therapy to help him regain mobility.
Candy Sullivan
The employees are warm, friendly and helpful. I recommend MetroWest Nursing and Rehab for employment opportunities as well as short or long term care.
Monica Greenlaw
The rehab staff is amazing, the nurses and cna's are very helpful. The building is clean and there are no foul smells. The food looks well prepared and the meals are well planned. If you are looking for a rehab after an illness or surgery look at Metrowest you won't be disappointed.
Sue Stolpa
Nice place with wonderful therapy!
littlepapi baisden
The stay here was as good as it gets for rehabilitation. Everyone is so nice that has worked with me.
Carol Mann
Love working here, love the residents and staff.
Todd Holmes
My experience at MetroWest was literally life changing. Besides the obvious of sincerely caring employees where they remembered & called you by your first name. The facility was Empecably clean. Beautiful to look at, inside & out. I was deeply depressed & was given advice & hope to overcome. I’m deeply grateful to everyone & would recommend because they go the extra mile.
Betsy Colón
I enjoyed the stay here. Everyone was professional. The people in therapy were awesome. They all took extra time to go the extra mile. Therapy is 5 stars. They got me up and going. The only reason I give them 4 stars is because of the food. Leroy Grimsley
Joanne Grimsley
I would recommend people to come here, the food was good, activities were great, and rehab was nice.
Tommie Passmore
I would recommend this facility for short term rehab and/or long term care as all departments work well together to improve each patients quality of life and overall mobility. The facility is well maintained with a beautiful courtyard.
Bryn Lohmeyer
Metro West nursing and rehab is really starting to shine. A new leadership team and a culture that is making a difference. You can see it with the staff and how the patients look. My stay there was a joy. Amazing nursing care and of course the rehab service was second to none. Don’t miss the opportunity to tour this wonderful center when you have rehab or LTC needs
Charles Bell
As a healthcare professional, i appreciate the high level of care and positive attitude of the management and staff. Thank you for all you do.
Warnell McCall
I like to thanks everybody from the nurse to the therapistvanf CNAs how wonderful, how intelligent and very professional. I came here with a shoulder replacement I am doing fine and like everybody to know what a great facility. I'll be going home soon so I thank everybody.
Wilbert Woods
I recently had a stay here and was very apprehensive about going. But, upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised to know that I had nothing to worry about. I was greeted by a very friendly staff and felt very much at home. All the staff from Cna’s to therapists to nurses, doctors all very one else made me feel special and very well taken care of. If I ever needed rehab again, I would return to Metro West and will gladly recommend this place to anyone.
Audrey Evering
This facility is very clean and the workers are very professional. I appreciate that they keep all the doors locked for protection of residents and unwanted guess. They take care of any concerns. I am also able to reach any of the staff when I do have a concern or question.
Lola Naulings
I enjoyed my stay here, it is a very friendly environment. I have been a resident 3 times this year, and I keep requesting to come back. There is a beautiful garden indoors and the place looks great. Housekeeping does a great job. Therapy is great and very helpful, without forgetting the nursing care. I truly recommend this place to anybody.
Winston McGill
I would like to thank the Metro West Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Physical/Occupational Therapy Department, Therapist and Program Manager (Mrs. Pascale Dorleus) for their professionalism and caring dedication that I observed from each Therapist as they worked with residents at the center. Because of their knowledge and experience I can truly say that I am much better now than when I arrived. I am leaving with the knowledge I need to continue to get stronger, thanks to targeted exercises I learned in Physical therapy, and Occupational therapy. Thanks to you all very much Charles E. Calhoun
charles calhoun
I worked at Metrowest as an interim for a short period of time. I was touched by the care given to those residents all the way from administration to the CNA’s. As an employee there the support and encouragement by other staff to help you strive and succeed in your position , is amazing! Metrowest is a great place to work and bring your love ones!!
Pascaline Dorleus
Good service and excellent care All around! The Administrator and department heads have been an asset to my healing process! The Rehab team, activity staff, Nursing staff, CNAs, house keeping and dietary staff were excellent! 5 Starz for everyone! I am so grateful for every person that has come in to contact with me whether it be staffing, patients or family members. In my book this is a 5 star facility! -Eddie May Golden
Eddie Golden
Great place to work. Staff is very helpful.
Shannon Phillips
My wife works there and she always has good things to say .
Clarence Lee
It’s hard to make that decision to place your loved one in a nursing home because you can’t provide that care anymore. This team will not only take your loved one and care for them but they will also be there to guide you, comfort you and help you with this hard transition. Thank you team for the dedication and passion you show day by day.
Lissette Curry
MetroWest is one of the top facilities in the Orlando area. As a marketer I have toured many facilities in Seminole, Orange and Volusia county and it definitely stands out as one of the more clean, well maintained buildings along with the outstanding commitment to care. Not only is it good looking on the outside but the staff and admin team is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It’s truely like a family to work with and I would trust them with my loved ones any day of the week!!
Skate P
Ive worked there for over 8 years and I’m very sad to be leaving. I’m moving up north for my husbands new job soon. I will truly miss the staff and residents. They’ve become my family over these years. I worked in several nursing facilities in the area through agency before setting at Metrowest. Metrowest is by far the best facility in this area. It’s 5 star for a reason.
Brian Fresco
The nursing staff took great care of my grandmother-in-law after her amputation. The rehab department had their work cut out for them but got her moving. Any concerns or requests were addressed timely and honestly. We really appreciated their care and concern for her.
E.J. “It’s my time” Dawsey
I work for Brookdale and I love partnering with the team at Metro West. Laura, Naomi, Michelle, Paula, Randall, and the whole team are amazing. They are always very welcoming and accommodating.
Susie G.
I have worked with skilled nursing facilities for the past 5 years. And I've been with the company for 7 months now. All staff is very welcoming from the start, as soon as you step foot into the building you are greeted and assisted. I recommend stopping by and taking a tour if you have a loved one needing some short term rehab or long term care. Even if this is all a new experience for you all staff is available to help through the process.
Laura Ramirez
Metrowest is a great place to work! Staff is amazing and work together seamlessly. Our residents are wonderful and I love seeing them do their activities!
Michelle Villard
I have been working in the healthcare profession for 16 years and have been to many skilled nursing facilities. After a recent visit to MetroWest Nursing and Rehab, I can tell you that this facility is clean and has a very professional and supportive staff. I strongly recommend this facility for rehabilitation needs as well as employment opportunities.
Monica Greenlaw
super clean place, nice workers & they seem to be concerned about my aunts health and well being.
Alysia Hernandez
My grandfather was at this facility for almost a month and I have nothing but good things to say. He suffered a fall at home and just needed some therapy to get him stronger. The entire experience was new to me and my entire family. But the staff at Metro West made it such a smooth process. We couldn’t be happier with the care he received.
Angie Maldonado
My grandfather has been there for a little over a week now. He had a stroke and barely speaks English. There are tons of bilingual staff there to help. And in just 8 days we have already seen improvement. He has been in other rehab facilities in the past and none compare. Metro West has kept my family and I informed and updated on his care. The nursing staff is very attentive and truly care. I am very pleased with the facility.
Victoria Ortega
I visit my grandma here and every time I go she has nothing but positive things to say about the staff and the care she's receiving.
Casey Singer
My grandfather had a hip replacement and was at this facility for awhile. The nurses were attentive and always willing to help. The facility was clean and we couldn't be happier with the care he recieved. I'm not sure why the negative reviews, maybe there was a change in management. The nurses had personality and he was taken care of from the PT, to the bed staff to keeping him and the wound clean. Highly recommend!!
Steve Sabatino (Sabotno Films)
My grandma had to come to metro West for a knee replacement. As a family, we were very pleased with this facility and the staff. Leifa and Tiffany are great nurses who took excellent care of my grandmother. They were patient and helpful, always available to answer any questions we had.
Christian Crews
My grandma was there for a few weeks, the team was excellent and we were able to bring her back home without worries!
Paula Ramirez
As a psychologist who has experience in a number of nursing facilities in Central Florida, this place isn't that bad and that gets them 5-stars. The physical therapy/occupational therapy staff (m-f 8-6p) is fantastic and really help patients recover quickly, while also keeping them safe. The food looks good enough to eat (which is saying something for "hospital food") and the facility is kept up nicely. Residents can garden and eat the fruits of their labor. As for the complaints posted, evening and weekend skeleton crews are the new normal in skilled nursing. This facility is more responsive to call lights than any other facility I've worked. This is one of the few places that I would refer friends/family to for skilled nursing care.
Stephany Mahaffey
My mother recently had a stroke and the hospital recommended she go somewhere for therapy. We went and checked out a lot of facilities and chose Metrowest because it was the best looking and cleanest. We had a wonderful experience there. Nursing and therapy were outstanding! They really seemed to genuinely care and were very attentive to my mothers needs. Do not hesitate to have your loved one go to Metrowest, the place was awesome!
Jose Figueroa
I'd like to thank all of the staff at Metro West Nursing and Rehab for all of their hard-work and dedication. Several of my friends and family members have been well cared for at this facility. The staff and management have always been friendly and responsive to their needs. I appreciate all that you have done. Thank you!
George Williams
The administration and nursing staff have been a delight to work with here! They all genuinely care about their patients.
Kira Walker
I had an awesome experience with the new administration.
D Williams